Interviews With International Media

As a recognized expert on Asian business and culture, Robert Azar has been interviewed in numerous national print media and website articles, television programs and radio shows both in the U.S. and — speaking in Japanese — in Japan.

Representative media interviews include:

WRAL TechWire: “Memo to US execs: Doing business in Japan demands a company be the very best it can be.” November 17, 2016.

Go Global NC: “Global Spotlight: Robert Azar.” October 14, 2016.

Keidanren USA (Japan Business Federation) Website: “Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Robert Azar on Building Japanese and American Business Cultures.” August 29. 2016.

North Carolina Center of Innovation Network Website: “Why More American Companies Do Not Benefit From the Japanese Market”. January 13, 2016.

Japan Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons: The “Azar Corner” on the Society’s website. “Lasers Contributing to Popularity of Non-Invasive Procedures”. April 2006.

Japan Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons: The “Azar Corner” on the Society’s website. “Five Year Trend in U.S. Plastic Surgery: Increased Demand for Minimally Invasive Procedures”. April 2005

The Journal News: “Dollar’s Decent Has An Upside, too”. February 20, 2005.

The Journal News: “The Incredible Shrinking Dollar”. Impact of weakening U.S. dollar on American exports. February 6, 2005.

Japan Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons: The “Azar Corner” on the Society’s website. “The Botox Problem: The Danger of Using Products of Questionable Quality”. January 2005.

*New York Times: “Not Only Big Guys Go Global: Entrepreneurs Seek Out Consultants and Agencies To Ease Their Way Overseas”. October 17, 2004.

Aesthetic Trends & Technologies: “Putting A Fresh Face On Dermatology”. June 2004 issue.

Aesthetic Trends & Technologies: “International Marketing: Protocols, Strategies, and Regulations”. Significant differences in marketing regulatory and customer requirements between the U.S. and Asian medical markets. September-October 2003 issue. Sole interviewee. 3 pages.

Kenko Sangyo Shimbun (Japanese Health Industry Newspaper): 4 article series written by R. Azar on current issues in the U.S. health care industry. April 18, May 2,
May 16 and June 6, 2001.

*Crain’s BtoB: “U.S. Firms See Asia’s Promise”. August 28, 2000.

*Business Week: “Going Global: How Small U.S. Companies Can Crack Asia’s Markets”. Online edition, Frontiers section. March 1, 2,000. Sole interviewee.

The Institute of Management Consultants Newsletter: Feature article written by R. Azar entitled “Asian Economies Are Back, And They Mean Business”. January 2000.

*CNN Website: “The Expert Network”. Management and Strategic Challenges Facing American Companies Conducting Business in Pacific Rim Nations. 5 minute interview. June 15, 1999. Sole interviewee.

Westchester County Business Journal: Cover story on Business Opportunities for American Companies in Asia in the Current Economic and Financial Crisis. Sole interviewee. 2 pages. May 17,1999.

Hiroso World Network: Live radio interview – conducted in Japanese – on the
1992 U.S. Presidential Election and the Ramifications for U.S.-Japan Business.
8 minutes. Nov. 4, 1992. Sole interviewee.

Nippon Television: Night Express program. Interview conducted in Japanese on
President Bush’s Economic Mission to Japan. 7 minute live interview by Fumio Matsunaga. January 11, 1992. Sole interviewee.

*CNBC: “Money Wheel” program. 30 minute live TV interview by Ron Insana and Ted David on President Bush’s Economic Mission to Japan and What U.S. Businesses Need to Do to Increase Revenues in Japan. Co-panelist with the Japanese Minister of Economic Affairs, Japanese Embassy, Washington, D.C. January 7, 1992.

Kabushiki Nippon (Japan’s Equities): Interview conducted in Japanese on major issues in U.S.-Japan business and finance. Sole interviewee. 4 page, feature interview in Japanese financial news magazine. June 5, 1991.

Cable LMCTV: “36 Live” program interview on Business Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Companies in Japan. 1 hour. January 23, 1991.

Radio WVOX: Obstacles and Tensions in U.S.-Japan Business. 30 minute live interview. July 31, 1990.

*New York Times: Japan Bashing in America. Sole interviewee. May 20, 1990.

*Financial News Network (FNN): “America For Sale: Japan’s Buy Out Binge” program. Live TV interview by Allan Chernoff analyzing Japan’s influence in U.S. financial markets. Broadcast both in the U.S. and Japan. March 9, 1990.

*The World Business Satellite/Wall Street Journal Report television program “New York Eye”: Interview conducted in Japanese by Ms. Yuriko Koike (Japan’s leading news caster, later elected to Congress) for Japan’s most authoritative financial news program. Sole interviewee. Topic: U.S.-Japan Business, Financial and Political Frictions. 7 minutes live. Nov. 17, 1989.

*NHK: 1988 U.S. Presidential Candidates and the Implications for U.S.-Japan Business.
TV interview on Japan’s leading broadcasting network. September 22, 1988.

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