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Asia contains some of the world’s largest economies, the world’s greatest population base, and a majority of the world’s consumers. Together with their potential benefits, however, Asian markets present unique challenges to American executives.

Based on thirty-five years of executive level success in U.S.-Asia business and intercultural management™, Asia Strategic Advisors™ (ASA) empowers American companies to effectively deal with the challenges of conducting business in Asian markets and with Asian companies in America.

ASA’s services benefit companies in numerous areas:

– Global Business Development

– Strategic Planning

– Business Partner Screening & Selection

– Relationship Building & Management

– Negotiating

– Intercultural Management

– International Sales and Marketing

– Cross-cultural Mediation

– Product Development & Localization

– Human Resources

– Trouble Shooting

– Turn Around Services

– Economic Development

– Political & Economic Analysis

Whether you are a newly formed enterprise seeking to build a foundation for your long-term success in Asia or you are a well-established corporation endeavoring to improve your business, ASA’s services will maximize your success and minimize your risk.

ASA – a catalyst for optimized success in Asia.

Asia Strategic Advisors works with companies, government entities, cultural organizations and non-profits, and is also available for speaking engagements and presentations.

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