Negotiating in Asia

Negotiating in Asia: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in International Negotiation empowers companies with breakthrough insights into the intricacies and pitfalls of negotiating in Asia.

Going beyond identifying differences between the practice of negotiating in Asia and the West, this book analyzes the differing business, social, economic and cultural factors that underpin and drive negotiating in Asian markets. Special focus is given to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

Based on four decades of firsthand experience in negotiating and managing businesses in Asia for American, European and Latin American clients, this publication provides proven negotiating tactics and strategies that will enable Western executives more effectively negotiate in Asian markets.

Readers will gain benefit from analysis and guidance on:

  • How the approach, goals and assumptions underlying Asian negotiating are markedly different from those of the West
  • What companies need to prepare in order to maximize their success in negotiating in international markets
  • How what is typically considered “rational decision-making” in the West is often incongruous with the logic executives in Asia utilize in negotiating
  • The importance of relationship, how to build them during the negotiating process and how to manage them beyond
  • How Asian executives negotiate with different time horizons, as well as the implications and expectations of them
  • The crucial yet typically overlooked role of Asia’s dissimilar communication dynamics in negotiations
  • How Western companies can not only correctly understand Asia’s differing negotiating dynamics but also how to leverage them to gain the most advantageous terms
  • How Western executives can ensure both the success and longevity of their business in Asia by putting in place agreements that enable those goals

This book will be of interest to and benefit three groups of readers:

  • Individuals with professional interests in Asian markets, such as those in business and government
  • Those with an academic interest in Asia, such as teachers and students
  • The culturally curious and globally minded who are interested in the many diverse cultures that enrich our world and how to navigate the challenges found in most international markets

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Navigating Japan’s Business Culture

Navigating Japan’s Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market delivers clear, specific information to help executives understand and successfully navigate the numerous obstacles that American companies confront when engaged in business in Japan and other Asian markets.

Unlike most books that describe Japanese social etiquette such as how to exchange business cards, this book deals with Japan’s actual business practices in major areas of business, including negotiating, managing, marketing, and sales. It explains how Japan’s business practices are different, the traditional cultural values and social customs that underlie those differences, and how American executives can most effectively deal with them.

In addition, this book provides proven management strategies for optimizing sales, market share and product leadership in Asian markets.

Readers will gain with specific guidance on how to:

  • Negotiate successfully with your Japanese partner
  • Ensure your business will succeed for the long term in that market
  • Know how to navigate the maze of Japanese communication
  • Leverage deeply held Japanese cultural traits in a way to advance your business interests
  • Create good business practices that will strengthen your business by drawing on the strong values in Japanese management styles and employee work ethic
  • And much more…

Ignore the important insights highlighted in this book at your own business risk if you are working in or plan to enter the Japanese market. The book’s case studies underscore the wisdom shared throughout the book.

This book will be of interest to and benefit three groups of readers:

  • Individuals with professional interests in Japan, such as those in business and government
  • Those with an academic interest in Japan, such as teachers and students of both Japanese business and culture
  • The culturally curious and globally minded who are interested in the many diverse cultures that enrich our world

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What Readers Are Saying

It has been my distinct privilege to work with Robert Azar on many different projects and in many different capacities off and on over the past 30 years. The depth and breadth of Mr. Azar's experience in doing business in Asia is truly staggering. I cannot think of any non-Japanese person who understands the language and culture of Japan better than Mr. Azar. It is this ...unique and thorough understanding of culture that enables Mr. Azar to help his clients and business partners to succeed in Japan and other Asian markets.

Paul Taylor, Esq. Vice President & General Counsel Ajinomoto North America, Inc.

The depth of understanding in Navigating Japan’s Business Culture is unprecedented. As a Japanese reader, I was surprised to learn the cultural dynamics that govern management and communication in Japanese business. Azar’s book is informative, practical, and strategic, and will help you achieve your goals in Japan via effective strategies and correct cultural understanding. I recommend this book to everyone who engages in Japanese business, even to Japanese businessmen.

Koyama TomohisaExecutive Advisor to the President, Nagoya University / Former Deputy Director, New and Renewable Energy Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan

Robert Azar's book is essential reading for foreign businessmen looking for success in the Japanese market. He has had over 35 years practical experience in Japanese business, academic training about Japan, and is fluent in Japanese, a rare and invaluable combination. You will profit from reading this book.

Prof. Gerald Curtis BurgessProfessor Emeritus of Japanese Government, Columbia University

Navigating Japan’s Business Culture consists of tons of useful tips as well as actual examples in the Japanese business world. I was most impressed by Robert Azar’s understanding of Japan’s historical background as well as the intricacies of Japan’s actual business practices. (He sometimes knows Japanese culture more than I do!) This book provides deep insight based on his broad business experience and his scholarly study. I highly recommend this book as a practical guide to those who want to really understand and overcome the cultural gap and succeed in the Japanese market.

Matsuo TakashiDirector, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corporation

My architectural/engineering firm has navigated the intricacies and challenges of doing business with Japanese companies since 1985. I only wish Robert Azar’s book had been available when we started this journey. Azar provides keen insight into the business culture of Japanese companies and describes strategies and tactics to be successful. If one is doing business with Japanese this is required reading.

John L. Atkins, IIIHonorary General Consul of Japan in Raleigh, North Carolina 2009–2014

Robert Azar is a gifted global communicator with astounding insight into the enigmatic and opaque business practices of the Japanese executive. Whether you are looking to invest in Japan or develop an import relationship with a Japanese company, Robert’s insights will be instrumental to your success.

Rick Van Sant, Ph.D.Executive Director, Center for International Understanding Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Robert Azar is an accomplished businessman, consultant and commentator with vast experience in Asia – and particularly in Japan. His fluency in Japanese, his deep understanding of the culture and how it shapes Japanese business practices and his academic training in East Asian political, economic and cultural affairs make his insights a valuable resource for those doing business with this valued strategic and economic partner.

James T. Fain IIIFormer North Carolina Commerce Secretary, 2001–2009

Knowing ‘what’ is good, but knowing ‘why’ is critical. Robert Azar's 35 years of living and doing business in Japan sheds valuable insight into why some companies succeed and others fail in Japan. His business experiences combined with his deep cultural understandings make this book an essential tool.

Elaine MarshallNorth Carolina Secretary of State, 1997–present

This book is a must read by all who engage in international economic development. The North Carolina and Japanese economies are hugely important to each other. Understanding each other better; understanding how to better collaborate; ...honoring each other's culture – all extremely important. Robert Azar understands... all this better than most. Read his book; enjoy his depth and most importantly LEARN from him. He's made it all work.

Norris TolsonFormer North Carolina Commerce Secretary
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